Our story

Many moons ago, in the market town of Bridport, Dorset someone had the bright idea to renovate an old run-down stable tucked away off the High Street. It had spirit, it had soul and it was the perfect place to open a cider bar. They put a call out to all the local cider makers in the area, who arrived in droves with their weird and wonderful brews. The Stable was born.

To soften the effects [hiccup] of the cider, a pizza oven was unveiled and The Stable began serving up pizzas with a Dorset twist. Topped with homemade tomato sauce and loaded with toppings sourced from amazing local producers, the divine combination of cider and pizza was a big hit with folk far and wide.

Such a big hit in fact, that now, ten years later The Stable has spread near and far; all the while staying true to its West Country roots and never forgetting the importance of real, local goodness.