Wassail! Wassail!

Wassail! Wassail!

If you’re missing the party season once January rolls round, then you need to get on board with Apple Wassail! Taking place on the 17th of January, this traditionallyPagan celebration gives apple growers a chance to rid their orchards of evil spirits and usher in a good harvest year for their trees. With songs, chants, leafy hats and a really wacky drink, it makes for a very entertaining night.

We love a good Wassail, but we won’t inflict the traditional brew on you – said to contain warm ale, stale bread, woolly apples, spices, milk and eggs, we think we’llstick to a nice pint of the good stuff, thanks.

If you’d like to join in on a good ol’ appley knees up, then our good friends at Sheppy’s, and winners of the first ever Stable Cider of the Year Awards are celebrating Cider Wassailin style. At their farm in Somerset, they’re hosting a evening devoted to apples, with morris men, food and of course, cider.

There are plenty of traditional songs to be sung, but we’ll leave you to practise this classic:

“Here’s to thee, old apple tree,

Whence thou mayst bud

And whence thou mayst blow!

And whence thou mayst bear apples enow!

Hats full! Caps full!

Bushel—bushel—sacks full,

And my pockets full too! Huzza!”