Diners following a vegan diet can eat with ease at all fourteen Stable locations across the country. By choosing any of the vegetarian options on the menu, the chefs can make a simple swap for a vegan-friendly cheese to make it completely animal-free. Alternatively, diners are welcome to customise any of The Stable’s signature pizzas on offer to suit their dietary needs.

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With handmade pizzas and more than 80 ciders on offer at The Stable, the menu lends itself perfectly to diners with specific dietary requirements. Gluten-free bases are always available, and are made on site to ensure freshness and quality. A delicious VioLife dairy-free cheese has made it possible for The Stable chefs to cater to those avoiding animal-based milk products.


The Stable has an ethos that champions high quality, seasonal ingredients, and their team of Stablehands are able to ensure their diners’ comfort when choosing menu items to suit their tastes. In addition to the pizzas, the salad selection is easily adaptable as well, with a new range of refreshing, zingy and healthy salads being launched this summer.


The Stable location in Bath has already been added to a vegan- and vegetarian-based “Where to Eat in Bath” list and successfully hosted a local group of vegan diners who tour the city monthly, exploring animal-free dining opportunities. Further vegan-friendly events are being planned at the additional locations in Bristol, Bridport, Birmingham, Cheltenham, Cardiff, Falmouth, Fistral, Whitechapel, Winchester, Weymouth, Winchester, Plymouth, Southampton and Poole.