The Stable is proud to sponsor the south west’s most awesome rugby sevens club, the 7 Bamboos. Here, club founder Max Lueck tells us all about the Bamboos and how rugby sevens is catching up on the main game in both the womens and mens sport:

I set up 7 Bamboos in 2013 with the aim of establishing a platform to help young players – male and female – to develop through the sport of rugby sevens.

Sevens is what we call a compromised form of the traditional rugby game. Seven players on each team play against each other for two halves of seven minutes. Sounds simple, right?

It’s certainly a lot easier to understand than regular rugby, because all the complex elements like breakdowns, scrums and lineouts are all limited to a minimum number of people.

You also get to see lightning-fast athletes covering the whole length of a pitch and throwing spectacular passes to each other. It’s a really challenging physical contest and some of the top-players possess outstanding fitness levels.

This visually-exciting format and summertime season has in recent years seen sevens grow in popularity. The game also has a legendary party atmosphere, which makes our partnership with The Stable so perfect.

7 Bamboos Rugby is proudly contributing and shaping the game in the south west in a number of ways, most notably launching our first women’s team, which made the final and the qualification for the regional finals of the RFU 24/Sevens series in Exeter, taking place on the July 15. We also run a touring men’s side, and more than 100 players have pulled over the green Bamboos/Stable shirt since our humble beginnings in 2013.


Enjoying a night out at The Stable, Cheltenham. Someone forgot their socks and shoes…

Beside senior teams we also run a popular school programme with schools in Cheltenham, Gloucester and Bristol as well as a number of junior, senior and corporate tournaments and workshops each year.

Since The Stable became our main sponsor last year, we’ve been able to provide a first-class environment for all our players, in order to achieve our mission of supporting others in their development, on and off the rugby pitch. Thanks, The Stable!