The Great Escape and Orchard Pig

Festival season is around the corner and we’re double-excited to be taking our big lovely Flagon Wagon off to Brighton’s Great Escape on May 18th-19th. Not only do we love new music (the Great Escape is dedicated entirely to up and coming acts from around the world), we also get to hang out for the weekend with our old cider chums from Orchard Pig.

We’ve been enjoying a tipple or five with this lot since our first Stable opened in Bridport, back in 2009. When we decided we were going to build a cathedral to cider, we knew we’d need the team at Orchard Pig on board.

Like us, they’re a movement that’s rooted firmly in the West Country. Their orchards in Somerset are just next door to us here in Dorset, and they’re deeply proud of the place they call home. And as founder Andrew Quinlan wisely points out: “pigs LOVE stables.”

But more than that, the guys at Orchard Pig are a mischievous bunch who never say no to a party, making them the ideal partners for escaping to Brighton for a lost weekend with. We hope you’ll come and see us and sample the goods. Our team of dedicated cider heads will be serving ice-cold Orchard Pig from our mega-lush, fully restored, 1960s Bedford van the Flagon Wagon. We’ve got a prime spot on New Road, right in the heart of the action.

Find us online and check out who’s playing here:

Our favourite Orchard Pig brew: Reveller. It’s medium, gently sparkling, 4.5% on draught and goes down a treat with cheese. And we LOVE cheese.



Band we most want to see: Bad Sounds. Not only are we digging their 70s-inspired grooves and hip-hop vibes – this lot are from Bath, making them our West Country brethren, and the hottest thing to come from round these parts since the Wurzels. Have a listen to them here: