Schools out….

Schools out, Summers in! 

Summer, we all love it! Suns out (this year at least), moods are lifted and everyone is smiling.

Here are our must do’s for this summer with your little monkeys!

1. Have a water fight in the garden!
Keeping the kids entertained is one thing but trying to keep them cool at the same time is hard. Water fights are the way forward – not only will your dry grass get a watering with zero effort, but your kids have fun and stay cool too.


2. Visit your nearest Stable
We have a new kids menu! It has more dessert options, a new chicken pizza, vegan options and… It’s cheaper! That’s right mums and dads, CHEAPER! Pizza, salads bites, Cawston Press and a dessert for £7.50! Cawston Press has no added sweeteners, colours or preservatives. It’s a win-win!

3. Homemade lollies
Every kid loves a lolly or 2… Or 3, or 4. Why not keep cost down by making them yourself. Go on amazon, type in lolly pop moulds, and order! Once they’ve been delivered, check out the links below and get freezing. (Mums – check out the Pimms lollies!)


4. Go to the beach
The beach is such a great day out. Sun, sea, sand, usually some chips, some seagulls trying to get said chips and usually an ice cream dropped on the floor. But, it is always fun and creates loads of brilliant memories. Always make sure you find out where the correct swimming points are, ask a lifeguard if you are unsure. Armband and goggles on, and you’re away!


Enjoy this weather; next year might not be the same. We will keep our fingers crossed though.
With love
The Stable