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We say good bye to sweet, medium and dry

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How do they do it

1. Blossom 1. Blossom
2. Pick & Wash 2. Pick & Wash
3. Mash 3. Mash
4. Press 4. Press
5. Ferment 5. Ferment
6. Mature 6. Mature
7. Rack 7. Rack
8. Enjoy! 8. Enjoy!

1. Blossom

2. Pick & Wash

3. Mash

4. Press

5. Ferment

6. Mature

7. Rack

8. Enjoy!

Our Cider Obsession

We’ve said goodbye to sweet, medium and dry – we describe cider in the RIGHT way, the way it deserves! We have a cider to suit one and all, so come and join us and you’ll be cider obsessed in no time.

find your style

West Country style cider uses traditional cider apple varieties, which are high in tannins giving bitterness and astringency to the cider. Proper Cider you might say.

Flavoured style cider. Is where there is the addition of either fruit, spice, herb or hop to the Apple Cider base, taking tradition in a whole different direction.

Modern style cider uses more eating and cooking apple varieties, which give more acidity, producing a fresh, crisp and light cider.

Keeved and Fine style special methods for making special ciders. Whether Keeved, Bottle conditioned, Champagnois method or vintage they all add class to the humble apple.

Perry/Pear style cider. Perry cider will use traditional cider pear varieties whereas pear cider uses more eating pears, extracting and fermenting the pear juice just as with apples.

Cider Buckets

Enjoy FIVE superb bottles from our ever-changing cider range. Selected by you or our onsite Cider Master and served over ice for ultimate freshness. Perfect for sharing!

£18.00 per bucket

(Offer limited to a maximum of 2x500ml bottles and no fine cider)

Cider tasting boards

'find your style'

find your perfect style of cider through five 1/3 pints, from traditional West Country to the
refined Keeved, all carefully selected by our onsite Cider Masters.