Cider Tasting Experience

Our Cider Ethos

Cider – it’s in our veins. When we launched in 2009, our mission was clear: start a Cider Revolution and lead the march. Since then, we’ve been the front runners, changing perceptions and spreading the cider-love across the land. We’ve even developed our own brew called Rapscallion, which we think combines all the best bits in one pint. Ask your Stablehand for a taste when you’re next at the bar…

Today you’ll find us serving over 80 ciders and perries, from elegant keeved sparklers to rough and ready scrumpies. We offer tasting boards and our crew of expert Cider Masters are on hand to guide you to the ciders you’ll love the most.

strictly cider

During this introductory cider tasting experience, you’ll learn about the different cider-making regions, the wide range of fruit varieties required and the processes involved with making cider. We’ll give you tips on common things to look out for, such as tannins, acidity and blending and you’ll taste ten of our best ciders. There will be plenty of opportunities to take notes and ask questions from your dedicated Cider Master ad you go. Cheese, crackers, cider tasting cards, pens and spittoons are all provided.

Duration: 60 mins
Cost: £15 per head

cider & supper

All the cider tasting insight of our Strictly Cider experience, with our handmade pizzas thrown in at the halfway mark. Now is your chance to experience the delicious harmony in the combination of cider and pizza. Order your own individual pizzas, or if you’re coming as a group, go buffet style and try different pizzas between you. Taste ten amazing ciders and learn about how they’re made. Cheese, crackers, cider tasting cards, pens and spittoons are all provided.

Duration: 100 mins
Cost: £22.50 per head

ultimate cider experience

Cider & Supper taken to the next level. Enjoy keeved cider and apple aperitifs, taste high-end single varieties, hedgerow blends and learn to distinguish notes, aroma, taste and colour, all under the expert guidance of our Cider Masters. You’ll also dine on our finest, handmade sourdough pizzas, feast on cheeses, charcuterie and enjoy cider brandies with our unctuous chocolate brownies for dessert. This ultimate experience is tailored for you, with plenty of time to focus on the areas your group is most interested in.

Duration: 150 mins
Cost: £30 per head