Cider of the Month

We’ve got it on draught AND in bottles at a lot of our bars, and there’s a reason for that: it’s a great cider. It’s classed as a medium cider, that’s to say that it’s not too dry, and also not too sweet, it’s just right. At 4.5% alcohol, it’s a reasonable strength for a cider, again, just right without being too strong.


Our Chief Cider Master, Tim says, “It’s a great cider and a popular one for a reason. If you’re used to drinking lagers or ales, it’s a good one to try as it’s not as strong as some, and lacks the full-on tannins associated with some ciders. It’s also not too gassy, so it’s very drinkable in that way too. Orchard Pig reveller is a perfect pint for those who prefer the slightly sharper finish though.  This acidity means it is both refreshing and moreish.  What more can you ask for? I also think that their slogans are great.”


Orchard Pig’s home is not far from Glastonbury, in deepest Somerset. The apples which go into the cider come from orchards established the best part of 200 years ago, therefore we think that they have some of the best heritage in the country!