Our Cider Ethos

Cider – it’s in our bones. So when we launched in 2009 our mission was clear – create a cathedral to God’s own drink and invite the world to worship with us.

Since then, we’ve been the frontrunners of a British craft cider revolution, changing perceptions and spreading the cider-love across the land.

Today in every Stable restaurant, you’ll find over 50 ciders and perries to try, from elegant keeved sparklers to rough and ready scrumpies. Tasting boards, and our crew of expert Cider Masters, are on hand to guide you to the ciders you’ll love most.

And because we just can’t get enough of the stuff, we’ve even launched our own Stable brew, Rapscallion. Ask your Stablehand for a taste when you order. 

Our Cider Masters

In every Stable restaurant you’ll find an expert Cider Master. These highly-trained cider heads can guide you to the ciders and perries you’ll love best. Here are a few of them:

Dave Rowe

Dave Rowe


Favourite cider: Ashridge Gold (light, easy drinking, appley)

I lived on a farm for a while with an old orchard – it was the start of my love affair with cider. Being a Cider Master means I get to share that love and talk to people about my favourite thing all day long.

Beth Buckell-May

Beth Buckell-May


Favourite cider: Old Kirtain (still, straw-filtered, deep, unusual flavour)

People are surprised I know so much about cider but I’m a Dorset girl! I grew up around orchards and cider-making. I love having the freedom to chat to people about cider and always get a thrill introducing new drinks to people.

Benny Roure

Benny Roure


Favourite cider: Rum Cask by Mill Whites (medium-dry, well-rounded, tastes like rum)

I’m from Paris and I see my job as like the French sommelier. Everyone thinks they know what cider tastes like so I enjoy giving them something new to challenge preconceptions.

Adam Hall

Adam Hall


Favourite cider: Polgoon cornish scrumpy (medium-sweet, versatile, makes a great baseline for a 50-50.)

Being asked to judge the Falmouth cider festival was a career-high for me. I love talking to like-minded folk about cider and pairing it with some of the great local produce we get in Cornwall.

Jake Baldwin

Jake Baldwin


Favourite cider: The Cotswold Cider Company Yellow Hammer (medium, fruity, perfect for a summer afternoon)

Many people have bad memories from drinking cider in their youth. I love being able to move customers past the stereotype and get them back into loving this awesome drink.

Ross Duncan

Ross Duncan


Favourite cider: Copse House Landshire (medium, Dorset-made, perfect by the Weymouth harbourside.)

Being involved in crafting our own Stable cider has been an incredible experience – we’ve all learnt so much about the methods used. It’s going to be an amazing cider.

Will Ackrill

Will Ackrill


Favourite cider: Gwynt Y Ddraig’s Dogdancer ( high-quality, sweet and smooth)

I love how a good cider maker, like a chef, can influence the taste of a drink by just tweaking the ratios or adding a subtle ingredient.

Laura-Kate Thomas

Laura-Kate Thomas

The Flagon Wagon

Favourite cider: Orchard Pig Reveller (sparkling, crisp, easy drinking)

Meeting cidermakers and learning how the different ciders are made makes you really appreciate the work that goes into them. I’m especially proud to have been on the team that came up with the name for the Stable’s own cider: Rapscallion.

Cider-Tasting-Experiences-v3Do you love cider but wish you knew your keeved from your off-flavour? Would you like to wow all your friends with your in-cider knowledge?

We’ve developed Stable cider tasting experiences to share our unbridled enthusiasm for God’s own drink with you – the Stable customers who really want to do their homework.

From a basic introduction to a premium cider-tasting experience, there’s a range of tasting options to choose from. Led by our expert Cider Masters, you’ll glug the full gamut of our offering, tasting a wide selection of ciders from up-scale, elegant sparklers to rough and ready scrumpies.

You’ll learn about how cider is made, how to enjoy it at its best, discover amazing food pairings and plenty of unexpected facts along the way.

Choose from three cider tasting classes:


During this introductory cider-tasting experience you’ll learn about the cider-making process, different cider-making regions, fruit varieties and some common things to look out for such as tannins, acidity and blending. You’ll also taste 10 of our best ciders, with an opportunity to take notes and ask questions from your Cider Master as you go. Cheese and crackers, cider tasting cards, pens and spittoons are all provided.

Duration: 60 mins
Cost: £15 per head
Booking: to book please contact your local Stable


All the cider tasting insight of our Strictly Cider experience, with our handmade pizzas thrown in at the halfway mark. Now’s your chance to understand exactly why cheese and bread go so perfectly with cider! Order your own individual pizzas, or if you’re coming as a group, go buffet-style and try a few different pizzas between you. Taste ten amazing ciders and learn about how they’re made. Cheese and crackers, cider tasting cards, pens and spittoons are all provided.

Duration: 100 mins
Cost: £22.50 per head
Booking: to book please contact your local Stable


Cider and supper taken to the next level. Enjoy elegant keeved ciders and apple aperitifs, taste high-end single varieties, hedgerow blends and learn to distinguish notes, aroma, taste and colour, all under the expert guidance of our Cider Masters. During this ultimate cider-tasting experience you’ll also dine on our finest, handmade sourdough pizzas, feast on cheeses and charcuterie, and enjoy cider brandies with our unctuous chocolate brownies for dessert. This experience is tailored for you, with plenty of time to focus on the areas your group is most interested in.

Duration: 150 mins
Cost: £30 per head
Booking: to book please contact your local Stable