Our People

Our Heroes

The Stable wouldn’t be what is without the glorious people who provide us with our unique and ever-changing ciders; the suppliers of our fresh and local ingredients; and the Stablehands who are pouring the pints, rolling the dough and painting the walls.

Instead of reeling out some corporate nonsense about what makes us us, we thought it would be better to show you who makes The Stable! Meet the people…

Rich Website 11



Richard is a constant force of energy who pushes The Stable to be the best it can be. Delivering perfection every time is his goal. He’s very much a people person and has a huge amount of respect for craftspeople and the local economy. We think The Stable is somewhat a reflection of Richard: warm, welcoming, rough around the edges and built to age well.

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Nikki’s impeccable taste makes her the head of all things visual – she dreams up our interiors, colour palettes, floor plans and fixtures working closely with our designers and craftspeople. Nikki plays a lead role in hiring our terrific staff. Her invaluable experience as the owner of a boutique hotel means she’ll be keeping a close eye on the purse strings and making sure we always offer great value to our customers.




Andy is the creative brain behind The Stable’s delicious pizzas. A true chef born out of the Navy. When he’s not in the kitchen dreaming up the next jaw dropping pizza special, he’ll be scouting for new Stable venues, ordering Naga chillies (he loves chillies) and ensuring everything is ship shape. Andy is a face you’ll see in all the sites. He lives, breathes and has even been known to sleep in The Stable, popping up everywhere. He’s a great guy but, as with any chef, avoid him when he looks busy!



Furniture Designer

Next time you’re sat on one of our benches, think of Rex. He drew that bench, built that bench, refined that bench and gave it a whole lot of love before repeating the process again with our tables and stools. He designs and builds all our furniture and his talents know no bounds, his latest project involves converting a complete wreck of a building into a home and huge workshop (so he has more space to make us more benches!) We can’t wait to see the results.


Kyle and Sid

Creative Department

Kyle originally worked for Rich and Nikki at The Bull Hotel in Bridport before meeting Sid and starting their creative studio. Now based just around the corner from The Stable Bristol, they design everything from adverts to tees, our website to our wall art. From the signs you see, to the boards you eat from, they’re constantly creating fresh ideas to make your Stable experience that little bit more special.



PR & Events Manager

Abi joined the Stable family in March 2015 and looks after all our marketing, PR and advertising. Being a real people person she loves the openings and meeting local folk and telling them all about the Stable. She’s loves her  horses and being a foodie of course the pizza. Want to talk marketing? Get in touch with her!